Sterling International RESCUE Fly Trap, POP! Fly

Sterling International

  • How It Works

    The RESCUE! POP! Fly Trap comes with one packet of water-soluble attractant packaged inside a foil pouch. Just empty the contents of the foil pouch into the trap and add water. Lured by the scent, flies enter through the yellow top cap and drown in the water. Refill attractants for the POP! Fly Trap are sold in single use pouches, allowing the trap to be reused over and over. Once the RESCUE! POP! Fly Trap has fulfilled its desired use and reuse, the plastic components can and should be recycled.

    Unique Features & Benefits

    • Includes fast-acting attractant
    • Ready to use - just add water
    • No killing agents - insects die naturally
    • Simple and economical to reuse
    • Reusable and recyclable
    • Attractant refills available

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