Happy Hen Treats EZ Leg Bands

Happy Hen Treats

Use the Happy Hen Treats® EZ Leg Bands to help identify age, bloodline, broodiness, and differentiate birds within the same breed. Colored identification bands are extremely useful at poultry shows, fairs, exhibits, and assists with telling your birds apart from nearby flocks. Our EZ Leg bands are much easier to put on than traditional poultry leg bands! Personalize with UV resistant permanent marker for more specific identification.

Size Small

Fits most standard breed chickens around 2 weeks of age as well as full grown Bantam breeds, pheasants, and large pigeons.

Size Medium 

Typically fits Ancona, Araucana, Faverolle, Fayoumi, Hamburg, Lakenvelder, Leghorn, Mille Fleur, Polish, Silkie hens.

Size Large

Typically fits Ameraucana, Andalusian, Australorp, Barnevelder, Buff Orpington, Cochin, Cornish, Frizzle-Feather Legged, Jersey Giant, New Hampshire Red, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Welsummer, and Wyandotte hens.


Open band and place around bird's leg. Firmly close the band at opening until you hear a "click". Before band become tight replace with a larger size. To remove, squeeze band until connected ends release or slide connected ends in opposite directions. 


Sizing is based on female birds only, males may require larger size. Sizing is a guide only. Remove leg bands from growing birds if bands become tight. Bands should fit loosely enough to move freely on the leg.

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